iPhone X: Some Concerns


Last week, I was admittedly excited about the new iPhones Apple was about to announce. The event came and went, with all the fanfare and excitement that anyone would expect from an announcement from the company, and they announced a lot of cool features! Three new phones, wireless charging, face detection, on and on. These features aren’t the first to be in cell phones, to be certain, but Apple has never been on the cutting edge, rather choosing to implement technology when they think they can do it their way.

But I’m not sure if they got it right.

By all means, I think Face ID is an awesome piece of technical innovation, and the ease of use seems to be patently Apple, but maybe it’s a bit too easy to use?

Lifting up your phone and having it immediately unlock seems to present a few problems. What if you look at your phone? What if someone holds it up to your face? These what-ifs are of course theoretical, but there’s not much stopping someone from actually making it happen

Apple even seemed to notice this problem, and had Craig Federighi address the problem in an email. Apparently a push of the lock button and volume button will disable Face ID, but that takes time to do, and someone who is in the right frame of mind to know to push those buttons even in a dangerous situation.

Of course, we’ll see how effective these measures are, and how problematic the technology might be, but to be certain, Apple won’t shy away from using it. They never have.

In anticipation of the new iPhone, and appreciation of the old one


Everyone who knows me well knows I love my technology. Apple’s definitely gathered a pretty wad of cash from me over the years, from my MacBook Pro, iPad, my now-obsolete iPod, and of course, my iPhone.

In fact, I pay a small fee every month to Apple directly for my iPhone 7 Plus, which I purchased shortly after launch. It was the first phone upgrade I’d had since the release of the iPhone 5S three years prior.

Over the course of the year, I learned to love the bigger size I’d found cumbersome when first holding it, I mastered the camera I first found too finicky to use and I even learned how to manage without the headphone jack so many people dreaded the demise of. It was a solid device with a familiar ecosystem, and that’s really all I needed. The extras, like the water resistance? Those were just added benefits that I came to love.

I don’t have many things I would change about my phone now, but when Apple announces its latest edition(s) to the iPhone lineup, I do know I’ll be buying upgrading.

There have been no shortage of leaks exposing the new device on Twitter. An OLED screen that covers the entire front of the display, facial recognition, AR support, new colors. None of these have been confirmed of course, but they haven’t stopped feeding into the hype for these new devices. Tuesday will tell whether the wait was worth it, but if Apple is known for anything, it’s for putting on a show.

So, I’m eager for the new iPhone, and it’s nothing more than tradition. The pomp and circumstance around Apple’s midday announcements have always intrigued and wowed me. The one on Tuesday? I have no doubt it will do the same.